Two Powerful Healing Meditations

The healing powers of meditation and it’s list of health benefits keep on growing daily. Although, it is now well known that meditation is excellent for reducing stress, recent research is starting to show that meditation is also effective in healing far more series conditions and problems as well. In addition, research is providing plenty of evidence in the preventive power of meditation. So whether you are sick or not, meditation should be a high priority activity in your life, if you are interested in good health and well-being.

Healing meditations have been used in the East for thousands of years to help those who are ill or unwell. These illnesses don’t have to be just physical either. Meditation is a great tool for healing the mind and emotions as well. Finally, let’s not forget that the primary purpose of meditation is to promote Self Realization, so in that sense, meditation can heal the Soul also.

The two healing meditations I will teach in this article come from the great spiritual traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism. Both these traditions are masters of the art of meditation, and the techniques I have explained below are considered the best of the healing meditations that they have to offer.

To enjoy the health benefits of these two meditations, set aside twenty minutes two times a day for regular practice. Also, meditation’s mechanism for helping the body heal, is by providing it the optimum state for self healing to take place. This self healing takes a natural course, so don’t be impatient for results overnight. Stick to a daily meditation routine for a few months, and you will most certainly see a remarkable improvement in your health and well-being.

The first healing meditation I will detail is a wonderful Mantra Meditation from the Hindu tradition, following which I will detail the famous Zen Meditation technique from the great school of Zen Buddhism.

1. So Hum Mantra Meditation Technique:

To practice So Hum mantra meditation, as you inhale think the sound “Soooooo”, and as you exhale think the sound “Hummmmmm”. Allow all other thoughts to fade into the background and just focus your mind on your breathing and the accompanying sounds. So, as you inhale slowly hear the sound “Sooooo” internally, and as you exhale slowly, hear the sound “Hummmmm” internally.

This mantra So Hum, means “I am That”, meaning that you and divinity are one. It is a wonderful meditation for healing depression or any other emotional disturbance. Also, as any other healing meditation, it sets the stage for relaxed awareness to take place, which is ideal for the body to heal itself in.

2. Zen Meditation Technique:

This is the meditation of Lord Buddha and a wonderful technique for not just self healing, but also for Self Realization. To practice this meditation sit up straight, be still and start counting your breaths from one to ten. Count every inhalation and exhalation, starting with one and working up to ten. When you get to ten, simply start again at one and continue. So your inhalation will be one, next exhalation will be two, then inhalation three, and so on and so forth till you get to ten. If during your counting your mind wanders and you get caught in it’s wandering, simply come back to one and start over.

A few other important aspects of Zen meditation, is that during the duration of the meditation, you should sit absolutely still and not move. Also, you should try to feel the breath as you count it, thus staying in the physical moment as much as possible. So feel the temperature, texture, depth and movement of the breath as best you can. Finally, as you advance in this form of meditation, you can allow you awareness to leave your breath and move to your body sensations, when feeling erupt in the body, and also, you can in time drop the counting as well.

Zen Meditation also promotes healing and health by helping the body heal itself and also, by dramatically reducing stress and tension.

Healing Meditations Summary:

Both the healing meditations above are excellent for you. I suggest trying each one for at least 1 week, then picking the one that you feel more drawn to. Different meditations suit different personalities and it is important to pick the technique which you enjoy most, as that will go a long way in helping you establish a long term consistent practice. I wish you the very best in your journey back to good health and well-being.

Anmol Mehta is a modern yoga and meditation master. His free yoga and meditation website offers powerful techniques to help you heal your body and mind, naturally and safely. If you are interested in health and healing, the article 5 Powerful Healing Meditations is a must read article for you.

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