The Meaning of Random Act of Kindness

The wisdom of the random act of kindness does not only fulfill one of humanity’s sacred doctrines, the golden rule. It reaches out to scales where it becomes one of our most important doctrines in the wisdom of life.

But let us begin to unravel this conviction of those who know wisdom. The virtue of the random act of kindness. Let us therefore ask the questions of 1) what it is and 2) how does manifest as an action?

A random act of kindness is to show compassion to another facing distress, difficulty or some minor obstacle. People are passing by, leaving the other to work out his or her bump of life without stopping to help. Here, the wise and compassionate see that it to offer assistance won’t cost them too much of time or effort. And they know how they can help the other or at least ask how to.

To list the ways random act of kindness can be fulfilled is too long to be written by any meaningful way. There are countless of thousands of ways to feel compassion towards people we may not know, but who we know that we can help. And it is in the nature of this form of compassion that you cannot predict when you become faced with it in your daily life.

Some may argue that a small act of kindness does not solve the problems of the world, and they are right. And yet, it is a small cost to feel better about oneself and making another feel better too. But now, let us elevate our minds in to the larger scale of this wisdom.

Imagine a world where it would be unethical to not to act in the manner described above. Of course not placing guilt, blame or any other form reinforcement learning for those who do not act in this manner. But in a nation composed of hundreds of millions of people, most of the population did do random acts of kindness.

Would not that kind of a nation be nobler than another who did not do so? Would not that kind a nation have less tension between its citizens? Would not that kind of a nation be a comfortable environment to live in? And would not that kind of a nation be the wisest, as people would face difficulties together, rather than alone, even among strangers.

So now as you can see, this doctrine is far from being an arbitrary one. In fact, it is one of the most important wisdom of life.

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