Is Aaron Murakami taking on Einstein in Aether Matters?

Sun Tree

I must say, I am really enjoying reading Aaron Murakami’s The Quantum Key.┬áIf you’d like an honest review, I’ve started a regular account of what I’m learning from him (without giving too much away, of course). Firstly, I believe you don’t have to be a scientist to get into his writing. Sure, it can come across as being a little tech in parts, but if you’re spiritually inclined, you’ll get the gist easily enough.

Murakami is intelligent and bold enough to speak his mind of quantum theories. He understands we need to not rely on ‘authority’ for correct information, due to the dogma that comes with it.

I’m only up to the early chapters, but I’m hooked! Check it out, if you want a little ‘light’ reading. It’s called The Quantum Key.


Or if, you’d like to read my review, here it is



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